Important ICD Overt Publications (1946)

“Freedom vs. Totalitarianism Broadcasts and Pamphlets”

The most salient topics of the broadcasts according to the ICD were:

Elections in a Free Democracy

Trade Unions in a Free Democracy

Non-political Organizations in a Democracy

Duties of an American Editor

The Western Union

Germany's Import Program

The pamphlets included:

“Hinter dem eisernen Vorhang” (Behind the Iron Curtain)

“Marshall stellt klar” (Marshall Makes it Clear), a reproduction of the Secretary of State's Chicago speech before his departure from the London conference late in 1947

"Offen gesagt” (Speaking Frankly) by former Secretary of State Byrnes

“Machtraub in Ungarn” (How the Russians Grabbed My Government) by Ferenc Nagy former Hungarian Premier

“Mit vereinten Kräften – Europa plant, Amerika hilft” (With United Strength -- Europe Plans, America Helps)

“Aspekte der gegenwärtigen amerikanischen Aussenpolitik” (Aspects of the Present American Foreign Policy)

“Lasst auch endlich Taten sehen! – Der Meinungsaustausch zwischen Washington und Moskau” (Let Us Also See Deeds at Last -- the Exchange of Opinions between Washington and Moscow)

“Gewerkschaftler und Kommunisten” (Trade Unionists and Communists)

“Arbeiter oder Ausgebeutete?” (Workers or Exploited?)

“Gewerkschaften und Sozialpolitik in Sowjet-Russland” (Trade Unions and Social Politics in Soviet Russia)