Book Translation Rights Acquisitions as of June 1948 that the ICD Considered most Important



Daniel Boone (1939)

John Bakeless

Teacher in America (1945)

Jacques Barzun

Woman As a Force in History (1946)

Mary R. Beard

Economic Basis of Politics (1922)

Charles A. Beard

America in Midpassage (1939)

Charles and Mary Beard

Patterns of Culture (1934)

Ruth Benedict

Managerial Revolution (1941)

James Burnham

The Growth of the Law (1924)

Benjamin N. Cardozo

Men Who Have Walked with God (1945)

Sheldon Cheney

On Understanding Science (1947)

James Bryant Conant

Science in Childhood Education (1944)

Gerald Spellman Craig

French Labor from Popular Front to Liberation (1947)

Henry Ehrmann

American Political and Social History (1943)

Harold Underwood Faulkner

Plowman's Folly (1943)

Edward Faulkner

Mr. Justice Holmes and the Supreme Court (1916)

Felix Frankfurter

On Second Thought (1946)

James Gray

A Prince in Their Midst (1946)

A. J. Hanna

Economic Policy and Full Employment (1947)

A. H. Hansen

What Man Can Make of Man (1942)

William E. Hocking

Preface to Philosophy (1946)

William E. Hocking

Higher Learning in America (1936)

Robert M. Hutchins

Hawk of Hawk Clan (1941)

Margaret Johansen

Peace of Mind (1946)

Joshua L. Liebman

Middletown (1929)

Helen M. and Robert S. Synd

Middletown in Transition (1937)

Helen M. and Robert S. Synd

Selected Stories

Thomas Mann

Social Problems of an Industrial Civilization (1945)

Elton Mayo

Invincible Louisa (1933)

Cornelia Meigs

Systematic Politics (1945)

Charles E. Merriam

John Henry Newman (1946)

John Moody

The Condition of Man (1944)

Lewis Mumford

City Development (1945)

Lewis Mumford

One World in the Making (1945)

Ralph Barton Perry

Great Teachers (1946)

Houston E. Petersen

Industrial Microbiology (1940)

Prescott and Dunn

The Daring Young Man on the Flying Trapeze (1934)

William Saroyan

Social and Cultural Dynamics (1937)

A. Pitirim Sorokin

The Well-Tempered Listener (1940)

Deems Taylor

The Newspaper, Its Making and Its Meaning (1945)

Edited by the New York Times

Liberal Education (1943)

Mark Van Doren

Journey for Margaret (1941)

William Lindsay White

You Can't Go Home Again (1940)

Thomas Wolfe