List of America Information Center Lecture Topics from January to March 1948

“Modern American Plays”

“Agriculture in America”

“England Today”

“Farm Life in California”

“The London Conference”

“Public Opinion in a Democracy”

“The Springfield Plan”

“What Is Public Opinion Research”

“American Farm Life”

“The Oil Industry in America”

“Christmas in America”

“History of Jazz”

“American Family Life”

“The Expellee Problem”

“Abraham Lincoln”

“American Paintings”

“Modern Art”

“Democratic World Government”

“Music Life in America”

“American Literature”

“American Influence in Europe”

“Some Aspects of Modern Education”

“American Journalism”

“United Nations Organization”

“Background of Russian Policy”

“European Recovery Program”

“The Negro in America”

“Banks in America”

“Civil Liberty in Times of Crisis”

“Basic Problems of World Peace”

“Trends in German History”

“Democracy in the United States”

“Democracy in France”

“The World Food Crisis”

“What Can Be Done for a Better Understanding between the Americans and Germans?”

“Fundamental Rights and the Right of Freedom in the American Constitution”

“The Influence of Public Opinion and Government”

“Can Germany Really Build a Democratic Government of, by, and for the People?”

“Economic Failure of the Totalitarian States”

“American and British Conceptions of Government”

“Influence of the Frontier on American Democracy”

“The U.S. Constitution and the Development of American Economy”

“Presidential Elections in the United States”

“Is a United States of Europe Possible?”

“America's Contribution to the Idea of Continental World Unity”